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Soumontha Rattanakone

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"Work For Money, Design For Love"

- David Airey

Hello my name is Soumontha Rattanakone. I am pursuing a long term career in Web Development with ample room for advancement and growth. I would like to have an impact on the future of any company that I work for while possessing the enthusiasm and commitment to learn and develop my career within a fast paced and growing business. I am looking for a suitable opportunity that will not only take my career to the next level, but will also allow me to work alongside a very specialized team.


HTML, CSS | SCSS, JavaScript, APIs, Yeoman, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Git, WordPress, Squarespace, Photoshop, Pixlr, Pro Tools, Audition, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, SEO, SEM, CRO, ClickFunnels


I'm creating a blog.

If you enjoy reading blogs, feel free to check out my blog. I'm going to write about the Web Design and Web Development industry.

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